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John Forster: Music

12. Cold Christmas


I used to love when Old Man Winter
Did his blustering storming thing,
Back in the days when Global Warming
Was just what happened every spring.
What I wouldn't give for a cold Christmas
Like those of not so long ago.
Temperatures were lower
And the old snow blower
Still had some snow to blow.
All I dream about is a cold Christmas,
The rhododendrons pointing down.
Busy shoppers freezin',
Carolers in season,
Sneezin' through “O Little Town.”
Yes, the heating bills were ruinous,
Even with the fire ablaze.
Oil companies were screwin' us.
Those were the days!
White stuff all around on a cold Christmas,
A Gore-Tex eiderdown kind of cold Christmas.
I would give a fortune in gold
If Christmas once again were cold.

© 2007 Limousine Music Co & The Last Music Co (ASCAP)