1. 1. Broadside

From the recording 1. Broadside


Everyday the news aboundsWith scoundrels doing wrongWhich impels us to take actionThat’s really, really strongLike expressing our displeasureThrough the lyric of a song.Preferably a sing-a-long. There's a name for what we're doingAnd "broadside" is the term.A tough, melodic weaponPacked with values we affirm.Just load 'er up and let 'er ripAnd watch the wicked squirm.As everybody sings along. Broadside, broadside.They cannot ignore us,They may run but they can't hide.We'll out 'em with the verseThen rout 'em with the chorusOf a broad, Broadside.
We're ruled by corporation,Conglomerate and bank.Congress is in gridlock,The Courts are in the tank.If we get out of this alive,It's us you'll have to thankFor asking you to sing-a-long.
It was Pete and it was WoodyWho pioneered it all,They taught Tom and PhilAnd Mary and Peter and Paul.But the times they are a-changing,And the writing on the wallSays everybody sing along.
            Feel the power of the right notes            And the right votes combined.            Feel the power of the right song            To open up your heart and mind. You may think a sing-a-longIs just a silly game,And believing it can change the worldIs really kind-a lame.But "We Shall Overcome" finally overcame'Cause everybody sang along. Broadside, broadside.They cannot ignore us.They may run but they can't hide.We'll out 'em with the verseAnd rout 'em with the chorus,We'll wreck 'em with the verseAnd deck 'em with the chorus,We'll hurt 'em with the verseAnd convert 'em with the chorusOf a broad broadside.
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