From the recording 10. Digital Delinquents


One day I'm surfin' around,Like being a normal teen,When I stumbled on the secret specsFor the Seawolf submarine.So I post 'em on my website,'Cause I'm like, “That'd be SO COOL!”But the Pentagon gets totally stressedAnd suddenly I'm under arrest.They impound my laptopAnd pull me out of school. What is your problem? Why so tense?Calling us names like Digital Delinquents.Digital Delinquents. Hackety hackety hackety hack.You're messing with our fun.We only cracked your stupid code.We didn't hurt no one.So we're low on common senseAnd thinking through to the consequence.Hey, being a teen is its own defense.Hackety hackety hack. CNN gets so uptightJust because we crashed their site.The Infobahn is a drag strip,Where you prove that you're a man,Where you pull all kinds of stupid stunts,Just because you can. It's not that we're starting a life of crime.It's just too much hardwareAnd too much time. Hackety hackety hackety hack.It's a phase we're going through.In a couple of years we'll have careersAnd be making more than you.Then when your internet goes out of whackAnd you're clueless how to put it back,We broke it. We can fix it, Jack.Hackety hackety hack.Hackety hackety hack.Hackety hackety…      Honey, dinner in twenty minutes! Finish what you're doing.      Okay Mom.      Awesome. Just enough time to bring the Free World to its knees!Hackety hackety hack. 
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