From the recording 3. Econo-Me-Oh-My


I couldn't find a job,Though I was really looking.But then things turned around,The economy was cooking.When the 'conomy is cookingThere are jobs in great supply.Econo-me, econo-you, econo-me-oh-my.            (I think they call it “job creation.”) They hired me, they hired youAnd all our friends as well,As corporate profits hit the roofAnd unemployment fell.When unemployment's fallingThe labor pool contracts.Econo-me, econo-you, econo-that's-the-facts.            (I think Milton Friedman said that.) I put in for a raise, I got it… jubilation.And all my pals got raises, too,But that's what's called inflation.Inflation is the evilThat could cash in all our chips.Econo-me, econo-you, econo-pocalypse.            (I think Ben Bernanke said that.)             So the Fed decides            That interest rates need tightening,            Which slows inflation down,            But the side effects are frightening.            'Cause when interest rates are rising,            Corporate profits stall            So they cut the rate, but - too late,            The market's in freefall.            Econo-wham, econo-bam,            They kinda fired us all.            (But they call it “resource re-allocation.”) So now I'm on the street,Right back where I started,Wonderin' how the economic gurusGot outsmarted.Now I'm no Ben BernankeBut I can plainly seeThat they're bailing out the Big BoysBut not you and me.            (Surprise, surprise, surprise.) And when recovery finally comesIt won't be like before,'Cause my old job will go to tempsOr dudes in Bangalore.When the experts down in WashingtonStart practicing their craftIt's kinda you, it's kinda meWho kinda get the shaft.            (I think Isaac Hayes said that.) This story has a moral: in an economic boom,The bluebird of happinessIs the harbinger of doom.And when that bluebird finally lets it flyIt always lands right on the little guy,And even Stephen HawkingDon't have a reason why.Econo-me, econo-you, econo-me-oh-my.            (I said that.)
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