1. 6. The Cars

From the recording 6. The Cars


They love to travel. We build them roads.We tear down landmarks to put up their abodes.And when they're thirsty, we take them to their bars'Cause nothing's too good for our cars. We wash and wax them and treat 'em great,A yearly checkup for every beat-up crate.The health care they get, it sure beats ours.'Cause nothing's too good for our cars. The cars have won. They call the shotsIn dark garages they hatch their plots.To make us pave ourselves,Make us enslave ourselves.The cars have won.The cars have won. The cars have won. We've built them racetracks to exercise.They jam up traffic just to socialize.In ads and showrooms we've made them into stars'Cause nothing's too good for our cars. And when there's combat, full speed ahead.They join the wars we fight to keep them fed.They're up in space now. There's two on Mars.The future belongs to our cars. The cars have won. The cars have won.They're taking over. We're on the run.From Hummer to Focus,They're starting to choke us.This isn't fun. The cars have won.We're on the run. The cars have won. Last year when they were rotting on the lotWe could have broken free but we did not.Our final chance to rid ourselves of themBut we didn't have the balls to close GM. We live by rules that they contrive.You're not a grownup 'til you can drive.Who are we kidding? We do their bidding.We are the serfs, they are the Tsars.We serve the cars! We serve the cars!The cars have won. The web is spun.The game is done. The cars have won. They killed the horse. They killed the trains.And wounded airlines are all that remains.The same Svengalis that killed the trolleys,They want our scooters, want our bikes.Lock up your pogo sticks and trikes.There will be blood, it's just begun,It will get worse before it's done.The cars have won. The cars have won.The cars have won. The cars have won.As clouds of carbon blot out the sun.And we just let it, why's no one get it?The cars have won. The cars have won, etc.
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