From the recording 8. One Billion Little Emperors


In circa 1970Our Chairman made the policyOf just one child per family,On pain of sterilization.Now several decades later weHave unsurpassed prosperity.Why? Because we're such a special,Special, special nation.
 Of one billion only children,Each a golden treasure house of worth,Each the most importantHuman being on earth. One billion little emperors,Our parent's precious jewels.One billion kids whose ball it isSo you’ve got to play by our rules.You could call us self-confidentOr tell the truth and say:We'll hold our breath and bite someoneIf we don't get our way.We wanted Tibet. We got it.We wanted Hong Kong. We got it.And now we really, really want Taiwan.
One billion only childrenNever learned to compromise or share.Yes we're spoiled rotten. Hey, guess what?We don't care. One billion little emperorsTook Deng Xiao Ping to heart.He said, "It's glorious to grow rich!"We plan to do our part.We're serious and competitive.We've got the stuff we need--A magical mix of Mao and MarxAnd capitalistic greed. We don't much care about human rights.We don't much care about copyrights.We don't much care about any rights but our own. One billion only children,82% of whom are guys.The girls all got adoptedAnd now live in Van Nuys. And that's why we're so arrogantAnd selfish and obtuse.Our question to America is…What's your excuse?
© 1998 Limousine Music Co (ASCAP)