From the recording Entering Marion


Every year I drive out to Cape Cod for the last part of June.Leave the city by ten and you're there in the late afternoon.On the way there's a village called Marion that you pass through.The first time I approached it, I'll always remember the sign that came into view.
It said, "Entering Marion." 
And I thought, "What a fun little sign!"But the feeling of entering Marion
Had a kick that was hard to define...
A rapturous rush, a physical flush,
Chills up and down the spine.
For the few minutes I was in Marion
All Massachusetts was mine.
(spoken) Well, it got to be kind of an annual thing...the event that would start each vacation off with a bang!
Then one year--who knows why?--I decided to try a new route.
So I got out my map and I traced one I thought was a beaut.
After driving all morning, I came to the top of a hill,
Where a sign stood before me that promised a new kind of thrill.
It said, "Entering Beverly,"
Which was lovely and not overbuilt.
And the pleasure of entering Beverly
Far outweighed any feelings of guilt.
I could say I'm contrite but it wouldn't be right,
For the truth is that later that day,
I found myself entering Sharon.
It was there. So was I. We enjoyed it.Hey, what can I say?
By the next year I'd try any route, just for novelty's sake.
I was cursed with a thirst that no single township could slake.
Oh, at the wheel I looked calm but inside I was running amok,
When a sign in the road dead ahead sent me straight into shock:
"Entering Lawrence." 
My God! I was out of control.
And I'd no sooner finished with Lawrence
Than Boom! I was entering Lowell.Then I backtracked and re-entered Lawrence,
Then Quincy and Norton as well.
Around midnight I pulled into Athol
And flopped in a fleabag motel.
I slept fitfully in my clothing
And awoke in a pool of sweat and self-loathing.
Lying there, feeling lower than carrion,
A name came clear as a clarion.
I jumped in my car
And before very far--
I was entering Marion.
How totally, wonderfully great!
How grand to be entering Marion
After tramping all over the state.
Every sleaze-bucket burb,
Every tryst by the curb
Had really just helped me to find
I'm happiest entering Marion.
I guess I'm the Marion kind.
Oh yes, I'm the Marion kind.